Our first stop was Green Leaf. We always are looking information about green stores, or organic, vegan, healthy stores where can we buy. And the first that we discovered was Green Leaf.

IMG_20170121_164618The store has two sites, in Yomitan and Chatan. Yomitan site has a cafe too. You can find in these stores a lot of organics products, and each product is labeled with a vegan sign or not. They has a huge vegan options. You will find gluten, soy texturized, nutritional yeast, chickpeas flour and an assortment of legumes in bulk. Vegan cheese and soy margarine are available too.


You will find some products eco and cruelty free for your personal hygiene (I’m not sure if are vegan), but they have shampoo, body gel, tooth paste and various oils and creams. Girls! Is one of the places where I saw menstrual cups! Is available too an assortment of cleaning products: toilet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, detergent and more.

IMG_20170121_162126Taking advantage of the first visit to the store, went to the cafe to snack. And (oh my god), I ate a
delicious slice of vegan cheese cake! They has an amazing variety of vegan cakes and a lot of options of vegan lunch. We drank an ice moccachino and it was delicious too.


Today we had lunch there. I ordered a Taco rice, a very popular Okinawan dish that I didn’t try yet. I love rice, I always loved rice. If you mix rice with vegetable meat I am the happiest person in the world. That is Taco rice, a delicious mix of rice, vegetable meat and shredded lettuce, tomato and sauce.


My husband ordered a Vegan Tuna Mayo sandwitch and when I saw it, my envy appeared. Oh my god, it was suuuuper good! The bagel was hot and came with a corn soup as an accompaniment.


As usual, people who works here are super kindly and they will help you in everything and in any doubt that you can have.

In conclusion, we have left the cafe happily ever after!

Try it! =)

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