Hello again!

Today I want to talk about one of the best vegan curry places in Okinawa. The restaurant is called Dechibica, is in Yomitan (a lot of vegan restaurants in the island are in this area). I heard about this restaurant, is a ‘must’ according to the information I read online. So, there we went!

The place has a lot of charming and the staff are super nice. We sat in a table next to the window and, just for this detail, they made me feel comfortable. They have an a assortment of vegan curry to choose and another vegan asian dishes.

My husband chose curry, of course (he loves the spicy food). Instead of choosing one, he could choose half a serving of one curry and half a serving of another. The taste was amazing!


I chose a Singapore tofu rice. Tofu was crispy and tasty and I love the Japanese way for cook vegetables. I love fast food (who doesn’t???) but I’m fall in love with this type of food. I am looking for a vegan Japanese kitchen classes, but my Japanese is very basic.  I’ll keep you posted if I find this classes in English!


For dessert there was vegan ice cream, but the dishes are very complete and they come with a little sweet. In our case, a mini vegan banana muffin. That was the icing on the cake.

Yesterday we planned to go there and have lunch but Dechibica on Sunday is closed. And today is the Umi Day (Sea Day) and is public holiday, so we must wait until the next week. Wait for us, Dechibica!

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