There are a lot of sites in Okinawa with vegan options. But as a vegan, sometimes, it is no easy to share the space with meat eaters. When the environment smells like smoke, or burned flesh… can be super disgusting. When you are a vegan for ethic that is not easy. We are always looking for new places and restaurants with vegan options are included. Rockers Cafe is one of them.photo_2017-08-21_11-07-13

The place is cool. The music is good and gives to the place charm. It makes you feel comfortable and ready to order a drinking.

When we went the first time, we ordered a vegan lasagna. The meal was delicious, but in the next table, people ordered vegan burrito and when it came, my envy and my glutony appeared. It looked tasty!

So the next time, we ordered vegan burritos. With avocado (we no longer conceive life without avocado) And the results could not be better.

The burrito comes with potatoes as an accompaniment and homemade ketchup.

Their vegan options are hamburguer, fish hamburguer, burrito, taco rice, lasagna among other things, so can choose what you prefer at that time.

Perhaps the handicap of this cafe is the price. We are accustomed to paying 1000en / 1500en for a lunch set. At the Rockers Cafe you will pay more, but I can assure you will pay it satisfied. The food is good, they have a great drink menu, the ambience accompanies having a very good lunch / dinner.

We really like this place and if we are in the Chatan area, it is always a possibility to have a meal.


If you go and taste their food, let me know your opinion! We may coincide. =)


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