In Chatan there is a small store called Re:food Okinawa. It is a gluten-free store (that point gains me, in this kind of store always have healthy yummy food). But THE POINT is that they have vegan ice creams. A lot of flavors of vegan ice creams and (ta-daaaaaa) rice ice cream cone. Since I became vegan I did not eat one of these again. We at home usually make ice cream from frozen banana (recipe is coming!). But nothing like this!



We were told about the shop and my husband (ice cream fanatic) and I (curious and happy to find something new) drove up there.

They have a little store and a few tables where you can eat. Usually, they have some sandwiches, juices and ice creams (all is gluten-free). It is a charming place to enjoy calmly and  happy your order.

Pako ordered a double ice cream with chocolate and mint flavor and rum flavor. I ordered a single one with brownie flavor. I don’t know why I ordered that (maybe my chocolate gluttony at this moment was very huge). It was very good but the chocolate and mint ice cream…. OH MY GOD. It had been a long time since I had eaten such a rich ice cream. And the rice cone was very crispy and delicious too!


We were the happiest people int he moment that we saw our ice creams! =)

The price is quite well (the artisans ice cream shops used to have this kind of prices). Some people told me that the juices are super good too, the next time maybe I will order one, although I am quite sure that I will order an ice cream again!


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