Yes, yes, my dear friends! Today is a special of Tokyo! We visited the super city on holidays two weeks ago, and I think that would be a good idea for a little review of the vegan places that we went. I apologize in advance but I don’t have photos of some of them, honestly, I did not think to take photos. In these moments I just could think in eat!

But let’s begin for the beginning!

Pako have been in Tokyo twice before but this was my first time. I was a little nervous because I do not like places with a lot of people. And Tokyo is FULL. But in one week I just felt overwhelmed once: we take the metro in rush hour. OH MY GOD. I just thought to get out of there! It was just two stops but (again) OH MY GOD! AS I said, this is the worst moment. Surprisingly, I felt really comfortable the rest of the time. Both, train and metro are very easy to use, very intuitive and the respect of the people makes the things easier. It was a fantastic week!

But let’s go to what interests us: the food! Fortunately, Tokyo has a huge vegan options. Obviously, apps like Happy Cow are super useful, in there they appear a lot of places to go. As I said before, I do not have photos of some places, but I will make a review too!

TS TS TANTAN: This is the place where we went more times. It is a vegan ramen restaurant, inside Tokyo Station (Keiyo Street). They have an assortment of ramen with a good price. You have the option to make a set too: for example, we always ordered the ramen with gyozas. All the food was delicious and all vegan. They sell instant ramen, prepared curry and texturized soy to take away.



LITTLE SAEBEJAE: This cafe is very close from Asakusa, so you can go perfectly when you visit it. I really liked Asakusa, the market street is fun and the temple Senso-ji deserves a visit. When we went to this cafe we don’t had a lot of expectations, but actually it was one of the best. The place is super cute, it is a little expensive but the food was amazing. Super tasty, the owner cooks with a lot of love and you can feel it. She has a fixed menu (vegan curry) but believe me, you do not need anything else! When we went she had an assortment of vegan muffins and a brownie, all baked without oil. This place is charming!





CAFE GURI: We spent a day in Kamakura. Pako was very insistent, and when I was there, I understood. Kamakura is one of the most beautiful places I went. There are a lot of temples and there lives the Daibutsu, the biggest Buddha outdoors.

Looking for a place to have lunch, we found Cafe Guri. It is a cafe inside a gallery art. They have a vegan option, a Buddhist lunch set with all the ingredients from the city of Kamakura. The food was good, the tofu was a little weird because it was slimy. You can ask for all the rice you want. Although it is a bit pricey for the little amount of food that they serve, still is an interesting option.




DOUGHNUT PLANT: We went to this place very happy because since we left Barcelona we haven’t eaten a good doughnut. When we arrived, we saw that there was just one vegan doughnut. It was delicious, yes, but it was a little disapointing. They don’t use eggs but, in the most options, use milk. Even so, I enjoyed my pumpkin doughnut with a soy latte.





There are 3 places where we went and I didn’t take photos, but I want to mention:

FALAFEL BROTHERS: THE BEST FALAFEL SANDWICH EVER. It is in Roppongi, super close to Roppongi Station. We went there and I can’t be more happy with the lunch. They cook vegan and you can choose between a lot of options. We chose a falafel sandwich and it was huge, with a lot of falafel and vegetables. You can choose different toppings and sauce, and I can tell you that this sandwich with hummus and classic sauce is AMAZING.

AIN.SOPH.RIPPLE:  The last day of our travel, we had dinner there. You can see the menu here. I ordered a crispy chicken burger and Pako ordered the Ripple cheese burger. Mine was better! It is an expensive place but food is delicious, potatoes are true fried potatoes and the burger was really really good. They have vegan tiramisu too!

KOMAKI SYOKUDO: If you go to Akihabara, this is one of the places that you can go. The owner is a super friendly woman, she will explain you that you can choose between diferents options for amake your vegan set. She has organic ginger ale and vegan ice cream (matcha ice cream is delicious!).


As you can see, there are a lot of cafes or restaurants in Tokyo to eat, but if you do not, you can always go to the supermarket and buy bread (check the ingredients!), Tofu, some vegetables and onigiri. You can go to Soba places and order soba or udon without dashi (fish broth). Konbini (Lawson, Family mart, 7eleven) are opened 24h and always have onigiri, some fruit as bananas and soy drinks.

The vegan who goes hungry in Tokyo is because he wants to!

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