Don’t lie. You like the foto, huh? Yeeeesss, I know that you are salivating right now! It is normal, this mousse looks delicious and is delicious.


I am a curious person. I always look for discover new ways to cook some food that at the origin is not vegan. It is very funny! I know that I am not discovering anything but I feel very satisfied when I cook them. I made a cake for Pako’s birthday and it was with this kind of mousse inside. I thought about make a mousse as a dessert. And ta-daaaaa! We have a chocolate mousse with soy cream on the top! At the beginning I put on the tope some red fruits as a raspberrys, but the creamy cream match super good with the chocolate, so… why not?

The recipe of the mousse can’t be easier: tofu, chocolate, sweetener and cocoa powder. I will write the basic recipe but, as usual, please, modify the recipe as your taste. If you want a stronger taste of chocolate, add more of it. Or if you think that a jet of some sweet liquor will be good, go ahead!


I used maple syrup to sweeten it. You can use anyone that you prefer, agave syrup, brown sugar…. feel free!

For the cream, we bought a soy cream at grocery store and I whipp the cream with a hand blender.

Since we discover this recipe, is very usual to find one or two mousses at our fridge. We can’t avoid this: we are sweet-toothed!

Shall we start? =)

CHOCOLATE MOUSSEphoto5807569011905506036

  • 500gr silken tofu
  • 100gr dark chocolate dairy free
  • cocoa powder
  • 50gr maple syrup or the your chosen sweetener
  • soy cream

  1. Dry the tofu and, once done, put it into a bowl.
  2. Melt the chocolate on double boiler and add into the bowl. Whip it.
  3. Add the sweetener. Whip it.
  4. Taste and add whatever you thing that the mix needs for your liking.
  5.  Put the mousse in the recipients that you want to use for serve and let settle into the fridge.
  6. For the soy cream, whip it until you have the texture that you want. Put on the top of the mousses.
  7. Decorate with cocoa powder, or cocoa nibs, or whatever you want.



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