If you are looking for a real vegan place, this is your site. I think that this is the realest vegan place of the island. And this is the reason for the BEST VEGAN BURGER EVER. I am not exaggerating. His vegan burger is the best.

The cafe is a small cafe in Yomitan. He is a nice guy who loves life and you can see how much loves all lifes just trespassing the door. Don’t expect a super luxurious cafe. It is a humble premises, with a couple of tables and a bar outside. This place is animal friendly, so you can go with your hairy friends.

He has a lot of messages in the walls promoving the vegan movement and gives information if you want it.

The menu has a lot of options: rice options as ‘Loco Moco’ , fried tofu, burgers as cheeseburger or teriyaki burger. Pizzas (teriyaki pizza is A.MA.ZING). You can choose between order just the meal or make a Combo (principal+drink+side dish). Side dish usually are coleslaw or french fries. He has a animal friendly combo option too: part of the money goes to an Animal Shelter. As you can see, he has a lot of choices.

But, for sure, my favourite option is the cheeseburger:


The texture of the burger is amazing and the taste is even better. The vegan cheese is gooooood, and everyone who had tasted this burger just can say one thing: it is delicious!


About the price,I think that is very acceptable. Any combo exceed 1500 yens, and you have all what you need for go out rolling.

Tuesdays is closed but you can find him the rest of the week from 11’00 to 21’00. Even so, I recommend call before go there, sometimes the cafe is sold out and it is closed.

At weekends, he offers a brunch until 14h, then he close at 15h and open again at 16h with the usual menu.

Enjoy your experience in Gub Gub’s. I’m sure you will not be indifferent about this place.

Do you need another picture to convince you?



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