Welcome to my vegan blog!


My name is Sandra and I’m from Barcelona. Last 17th January, I landed in Naha to start my new life in Ishikawa, a village near of Okinawa City, in the prefecture of Uruma. My husband and I were very excited about this new adventure: we were looking forward to finding our home, starting Japanese classes, starting the new job … Definitely: to start our new life in this amazing country.


I have been vegan for a year and I was nervous about learning and finding places where we  could buy organic and healthy products to cook and places where we could go to lunch or dinner. When Japanese people cooks, it is used a lot of pork or fish, so it is a bit difficult to find things if you do not go to a specific stores or restaurants.

The first thing we learned was that fruit in Okinawa is expensive.  I learned this and that rice will be essential in our diet. There are specific stores to shop vegan products and vegan restaurants too. In Barcelona I thought that was relatively easy be vegan. The vegan offer in Europe is increasing so much, but here is a bit more difficult. All soups are made with some animal, a lot of tempura has egg, bread with milk or butter… So I thought that it will be interesting make a blog, maybe help another people and show some recipes that I do in my home.


I hope that your walk in my blog will be interesting and I hope help you if you needs help.

Thank you for your visit, come back anytime! 🙂